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Author & Podcaster

Portal 4 Sigils & Saytrs eBook Cover_edited_edited.jpg

Aiyana, the aeifain wizardess, and Nathan, the rokairn paladin, search for a way to open a magical network of portals across Aetheria. Joined by another refugee from Earth, the swashbuckler Reginald, they’re drawn into a plot that will change the fate of two worlds.

Seeking the lost Aeifain city of Icon Hall, they are hunted by old enemies, shadowy creatures in the Grey Wood, and inner demons. With the help two ancient races of people, one lost to myth and the other newly discovered, the trio will face challenges and reveal secrets as they struggle to cut the strings of an invisible puppet master.

Will archaic magic tear them apart? Will long forgotten rituals tempt them from their path? Can they learn to trust one another and come together to conquer their enemies, or will power corrupt one them?

The first three novels have been reproofed and are on the schedule to become audiobooks. Book 1, Beliefs & Black Magics is currently available at forty-four retailers as an audiobook.

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