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Steeling for Survival

Mankind has done everything in its power to destroy the planet through carelessness and greed, and it's succeeded. Centuries from now warlords compete with mega-cities in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and the remaining people must steel themselves for survival.


Steeling for Survival, Book 1

Three hundred years ago the apocalypse came and went. It left behind a war-torn landscape of shattered civilizations. Now, warlords and mega cities ravage the remainder of the world and the survivors steel themselves to survive.

Byron Savage survived hundreds of years beyond a normal human lifespan and now is declining in his twilight of life when he meets someone to live for. A young girl named Nahla, along with Moots the sniper from the wilderness, Gina who claims to be from 1950, and a senile sorceress only known as Grandma travel across the land facing mages, kaiju, vampires, and more as they search for those they loved and lost.

Releases on September 10th, 2024

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