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Travis I. Sivart draws on his passion of steampunk as an aesthetic and a hobby to offer his personal insights for helping others to begin to delving into this fascinating culture and genre. Each thought is a single page, keeping the ideas simple and to the point. This book offers twenty-seven thoughts on the basic questions and concepts that often crop up when someone is beginning to explore this incredible movement.Travis I. Sivart is a published steampunk author, as well as having hosted a weekly radio show on the subject, and is often a guest at conventions to speak on the topic of steampunk. He does not claim to be the ultimate or complete authority in this beloved genre, and wrote this book hoping to help new folks find their way into the hobby.

Author Travis I. Sivart began writing soon after learning to read, and his family likes to remind him how he carried a notepad to write things down since elementary school. His work was first published in 2004, completed his first novel in 2007, created an online talk show - also in 2007 - where he often speaks about writing, and first self-published in 2013. Since then he has been a guest speaker at dozens of sci-fi conventions and comic-cons, where he has helped others begin their writing paths, many that have led to careers.

Travis has put together the most sought after information in the field of writing. Compiling these invaluable nuggets of knowledge into a concise and easy to read book, and he now offers it to anyone who needs a boost, a reminder, or are searching for that one tidbit of wisdom to help them make their literary dreams happen.

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Pipe smoking conjures images of cozy places, autumn nights around a fireplace, and often an older gentleman with kind words of wisdom or stories of glories past. Author and pipe smoker Travis I. Sivart draws on those images to open up the mystery of the hobby of tobaccocana, and the lifestyle that comes from the art of pipe smoking.

Travis takes his reader through 27 easy to understand thoughts about enjoying pipes, giving one topic on each page and keeping it simple, while covering a broad variety of information.

Author and streamer Travis I. Sivart brings you a primer for streaming on covering more than just technicals, and instead giving you insight into image, content, how to gain an audience, and how to keep your viewers coming back for more.

Travis started doing live, interactive street theater in 1990, went to broadcasting school in 2003, created his first podcast in 2007, changed to live internet pirate radio in 2012, and began live streaming in 2017. Since he published his first book in 2013, he's been a guest speaker at dozens of conventions, and has done numerous live broadcasts. The point of all that is; He knows a bit about presentation and interacting with the public in an entertainment role.

One of the main points Travis wants streamers to remember is, "Something that always goes with having fun is to be yourself. People would rather watch someone awkward who's having fun, than a professional being miserable. That’s a truth that you can bank on."

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