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Portal 1 Beliefs & Black Magics eBook Cover.jpg

Brought together by design, held together by hope…

Shattered by a magical apocalypse, the world of Aetheria struggles to rise from the ashes of war and destruction.

Esperanza, at odds with her faith, wakes in this mystical world under attack by a powerful necromancer. Joined by Torrents and The Kid, two people who aren’t what they appear, they hunt the wielder of black magics and her undead horde. Finding one another was just the first step to finding themselves.

Searching ancient, arcane ruins and scouring the land for help, they search for a way to fight the overpowering evil.

If they can’t stop her, then all civilization will be destroyed, and the dead shall control the land.

You'll LOVE this book for characters that feel real and non-stop action!


Aetheria, a chaotic world of magic and mayhem, struggles to rebuild after an onslaught of undead and destruction.

The Kid and Torrents have parted ways, seeking their own lives, when demons erupt across the land. Rising to the challenge of protecting their adopted world, the two meet Nathan, a rokairn priest of Jonath, who came from their world of Earth.

Hunted by a half-breed demoness and her band of gnohls hellbent on controlling the portals between planes, and bringing her father’s army to the world, they scramble to save the land from ultimate destruction.

Can they unite a divided land to save itself from a fate worse than death?

You'll LOVE this book for characters you can believe in and non-stop action!


Portal 2 Demons & Daggers eBook Cover.jpg
Portal 3 Mystics & Monoliths eBook Cover_edited.jpg

Portals: Book 3

The world of Aetheria is changing. On the eastern shores of the continent of Teurone, military and magical might rise. Gods clash over who controls the very forces of magic, and armies march across apocalyptic plains to enforce the claims of their deities.

Running from a power-mad dictator, who uses magic to manipulate and conquer, and hunted by a demon hybrid, three people discover a warren of portals connecting lost passageways that span the world.

Aiyana, a woman searching for a cause; Nathan, a man mourning a life left behind; Torrents, a barbarian searching for a reason to go on; join together to battle the ultimate evil, hunger for power.

Their lives are forever changed as they struggle to construct a mystical artifact that could recreate a network that has been seen thousands of years and change everything.

Will they forge a path together, or disappear into history?

You'll LOVE this book because of characters you feel like you know and non stop action!


They came to help a world struggling to recover from a magical apocalypse. Aiyana, her mystical abilities growing exponentially, has Nathan concerned that the power may be too much.

Seeking an Aeifain city of lost knowledge, they're joined by another refugee from Earth, and drawn into a plot that will change the fate of two worlds. A warlord hunts them, a master alchemist covets what they have, and an invisible puppet master is pulling everyone’s strings.

But power corrupts and suspicions brew as each doubt the motivations of the others. Without trust, can they overcome the challenges of a magical world torn by wrath and avarice?


Portal 4 Sigils & Saytrs eBook Cover.jpg
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