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Award winning author Travis I. Sivart penned the diary of a "fictional" character who threads himself through the author's collective works, giving hints and peeks into other times and places.

A thrilling and unique look into the private journal and the mind of THE time travelling adventurer, Jack Tucker. He gives his quirky and intriguing views on topics such as physics, poetry, ghosts, politics, and evolving individually and as a species, as well as tantalizing hints about the past, present, and future over 70,000 years of history.

Jack Tucker, THE time traveler, has returned and jotted down how he first began his journeys through 70,000 years of the past, present, and future.

Dealing with the bubonic plague, an alien invasion, a presidential assassination attempt, a direct attack on the space program, and dinosaurs on the same day as the Oklahoma City bombing, he learns about his ability to travel in time, though he doesn't believe in time as a universal constant. Meeting people across history -from a shaman in ancient Maya, to blues musician in New Orleans, to a mystical architect destined to build a device to stop the human timeline from being disrupted -he learns about himself, human nature, and a few other life lessons along the way.

Award winning author, Travis I. Sivart, delivers a story of someone who spans ages in the style of a personal diary told from first person experiences.

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