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Award winning author Travis I. Sivart joins the ranks of George RR Martin, Robert Jordan, and JRR Tolkein with his first epic fantasy novel.

A young man with a mysterious past joins a weathered and wizened slave lord in a quest to find a key to gain entry to a castle built by a god. Along the way they gather a rag tag bunch; a lady-pirate captain who controls the very elements around her; a priest who is driven by loss of faith and family; and a young ruffian who is just in it for the thrill. Together they struggle to survive as they try to reach their goal before the magics of the comet that splits the sky awakens hordes of mutant insects, a necromancer raises his undead army, or a mad Aeifain turns the remaining Dasism into a force set on the genocide of every other race on Tuerone.

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