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Silver and Smith and the Jazeers Light Final Front Cover Small Social Media.jpg

In the near future, magic returns to the world when an ancient artifact is found. A djinn's lamp goes to the highest bidder, and worldwide criminal organizations will do anything to get it.

Silver, a mercenary who works alone, meets Henrietta "Hank the Hawk" Smith, a young, idealistic archeologist, while "liberating" a historic relic from a tomb. The two meet again as circumstance brings them together to hunt down the priceless artifact that could change the financial power of the world in the wrong hands.

Silver & Smith travel across continents, racing against the clock and criminal syndicates across Europe and Asia, to be the one who possesses the Jazeer's Light.

An artifact that may reveal a secret buried by history...

Two powerful corporations each want it for very different reasons. One to manipulate genetics, the other to uncover lost technology. Silver & Smith are hired to find the relic that could reveal a conspiracy that spans from Atlantis to other worlds, and even has ties to Silver’s mysterious past.

Silver and Smith and the Doppelganger's Gate eBook Cover.jpg
TALON Agency.jpg

In a shared reality with the Silver & Smith Chronicles... In the near future, the world has seen drastic shifts. Global climate change has altered countries and continents; mega-corporations have altered society and governments; oligenetics, physics, and nanotechnology has altered humankind; and The T.A.L.O.N. Agency is a leader in all these things. Disappear into the shadows of a dark-and-dirty, street-level, borderline cyberpunk dystopian series about heroes and villains, born from one corporation changing the world for the better to create a utopia.

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