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201 of the Worst Dad Jokes.jpg

This book is a collection of witticisms, puns, and generally bad jokes told by thousands of people who happen to often be dads. I scoured various sources online and offline to find these. I hope to inspire future generations to enjoy bad humor as a form of art. Enjoy.

Bethany loves Bunny and Bunny loves Bethany, and that is enough to get them through anything! Even if Bunny is a zombie.

My Bunny is a Zombie.jpg
My Puppy is a Werewolf Cover.jpg

Chaos reigns as Zayn's blames his new puppy for all the mishaps. Will his parents believe that the puppy is a werewolf? Will they make Zayn get rid of the dog? Or will they see the importance of Zayn's new best friend?

We all know what human children do when it's a dark and stormy night. But what do young monsters do when the lights go off, the door shuts, and the dark and scary things creep out? They have a party!

Bring home a book that demystifies the dark, and shows a child's imagination in the best of ways!

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